Travel Day FAQs

Below are answers to the most frequent questions:

How do I upgrade my seat on Avelo Airlines?

We know that getting the perfect seat can make all the difference on your next flight. You can upgrade your seat on the Avelo Airlines app or by going to “Manage Trips” on the Avelo Airlines home page and changing your reservation. For more details on how to ensure a comfortable journey, check out “Add or change your seat selection” on the Manage Your Trip page.

When can I check-in for my Avelo flight?

You can check-in for your flight online at on any web-enabled device or you can do so using the Avelo app. As part of the check-in process, you will be asked to confirm some personal information for the passengers you will be checking in. You can check-in 24 hours before your scheduled departure time. For more information please visit Avelo Airline Online Check-in page.

What is the process for boarding on Avelo?

Customers that require assistance and need extra time boarding are invited to board first. We also give priority boarding to active-duty military personnel, followed by families traveling with children under the age of two. Customers with Priority Boarding will be invited to join us at the boarding sign located in the gate boarding area at any time once the boarding announcements begin. Additional groups will then be called by number to join us at the gate boarding sign. For more information on boarding visit the Avelo Airlines boarding page.

How do I add Priority Boarding to my Avelo flight?

You can add Priority Boarding to your flight when you book through the Avelo Airlines app or by going to “Manage Trips” on the Avelo Airlines home page and adding it to your reservation. For more information, please visit our Priority Boarding page.

What are the Avelo Airlines baggage fees?

You can save money by pre-purchasing your baggage ahead of schedule and online. Purchasing your carry-on and checked bags at the airport is subject to additional fees.

What is the age limit to fly alone on Avelo?

Safety is at the heart of everything we do at Avelo. The minimum age to fly alone on Avelo is fifteen (15). Avelo does not accept reservations for unaccompanied minors under fifteen (15). Please visit the Avelo Airlines Young Travelers page for detailed information on traveling with your young flier.

Can my child sit on my lap during an Avelo flight?

We recommend every infant purchase a ticket and be properly secured in a Child Restraint System for safety. You may also choose the Infant in Lap option during booking, and your child may sit on your lap if they are under the age of two.

Does Avelo offer special assistance for travelers with Disabilities and Medical Conditions?

Avelo Airlines is committed to providing excellent service to all of our customers. We know that flying can be stressful, and we want to do everything we can to make your experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible. That’s why we offer special assistance for customers with disabilities. Whether you need a wheelchair or other assistance getting around the airport, we will be happy to help. Please visit the special services and assistance page for detailed information on services.

What are the policies for trained service animals on Avelo Airlines?

You must present a complete Department of Transportation Service Animal Air Transportation form at the ticket counter or gate on the day of travel. The form should be dated on or after the date you purchased your ticket. If the form is not presented or is incomplete, the animal may be denied transport. A service animal vest, harness, ID card, or registration will not be accepted in place of the form as the sole indication an animal is a trained service animal. Please visit the service animal page for more details.

How do I travel with my pet on Avelo Airlines?

Avelo Airlines welcomes four-legged friends on board. There are a few rules and regulations for traveling with your small cat, dog, rabbit or bird in a hard-sided or soft-sided pet carrier in-cabin. Please visit our page for traveling with pets.

Where does Avelo Airlines fly?

Avelo Airlines offers nonstop flights to more than 50 locations across the country. We fly to smaller more convenient airports to offer a smoother, more caring travel experience. Start your trip by visiting our Destinations page.

What kind of airline is Avelo?

Avelo is an ultra-low-cost carrier, which means that we offer cheaper fares by flying to and from smaller more convenient airports to save you time and money. Avelo was founded by a group of world-class airline executives who wanted to build a different and better type of airline, one that is ultra-efficient, super convenient, and offers an amazing travel experience at a very low price.

What kind of planes does Avelo Airlines fly?

Boeing 737s are the backbone of the Avelo Airlines fleet. They are comfortable and efficient. Boeing 737s are also some of the most reliable planes in the sky, with a solid safety record. That’s why Avelo Airlines is proud to operate a Boeing Next-Generation 737 fleet.