Boarding process

A smooth boarding process is a great start to your trip. Please note this important timing information when planning your airport arrival time.

Checked Bags

If you did not add a checked bag when you booked your flight, you can go to or use the Avelo mobile app up to 24 hours prior to your scheduled flight departure to add a checked bag. Bags checked after this time or at the airport have a higher fee. See our Optional Services page for details.

Upon arrival to the airport, bring your checked bag to the Avelo ticket counter or the Avelo bag drop counter. We begin accepting bags 2 hours before your flight’s scheduled departure time up to 40 minutes prior to departure. Avelo is not liable for delivery or compensation for late checked bags.

Airport arrival time

Airport arrival times can vary at each airport. Please check your specific airport for the recommended arrival time and ticket counter hours. Plan for travel delays due to traffic or weather. Allow enough time to pass through TSA checkpoints especially during peak travel times like holidays and seasonal travel events.

We recommend arriving to the airport for your originally scheduled departure time even if you flight is showing a delay. If conditions change, the delayed departure time could be moved up. We recommend staying close to your gate to ensure you receive all announcements and updates. Flights are not able to wait for customers not present when the airplane doors close.

Boarding time

All customers are to be on board the airplane 15 minutes prior to scheduled departure. Any customer not on board, even if they have checked-in and received a boarding pass, may be denied boarding and is not entitled to compensation for any expenses this may cause.

Boarding process

When the airplane is ready for boarding, we will first invite our Customers requiring assistance or a little extra time boarding. We will then invite all active-duty military and families traveling with children under the age of two board. Customers with priority boarding will be invited to join us at the boarding sign located in the gate boarding area at any time once the boarding announcements begin. Additional groups will then be called by number to join us at the gate boarding sign.