Create a Profile

Learn how to create a profile for faster checkout and to view and redeem your Avelo Travel Funds (ATFs) in one place.

Avelo Homepage Login

1. Create an Account

Visit, and click on Login at the top of the page, or sign up here.

Sign Up Now

2. Choose Sign Up Method

Important note: The email address must be the one associated with your ATF. Click on the ‘Sign up now’ link, or sign in with your social account.

Avelo Sign Up Email Address

3. Sign Up - Email Address

If you are signing up with your email address, enter it and click the ‘Send verification code’ button, then check your email inbox. Once you receive your verification code, come back to this page, enter the code, fill out the remaining fields on this page, and click the ‘Create Account’ button.

Avelo manage trip "My ATF Wallet"

4. Account Dashboard

Your account has now been created! Click on ‘My ATF Wallet’ to see all your travel funds and total balance available. You can also add any other unused Avelo travel funds on this screen.

Now that you’ve created your profile, you are ready to book!
Click here to learn how to use your ATFs.