Avelo Airlines Service Animal Requirements

Avelo welcomes trained service animals onboard our flights. A fully trained service animal is individually trained to perform a task(s) or work for a person with a physical and/or mental disability. Only dogs are accepted as trained service animals.

To fly with your service animal, you must submit the Department of Transportation Service Animal Air Transportation form at the ticket counter or gate on the day of travel. The form should be dated on or after the date you purchased your ticket. If the form is not presented or is incomplete, the animal may be denied transport.

This form can be found on our website under the “Service Animal Form” section.

What do I need to bring to fly with my service animal?

In addition to the Service Animal Form, you will need to present a service animal vest, harness, leash, or other tethering device used on the animal, as well as any other items needed to care for your animal during the flight.

Service animals must be well-groomed and free of odors before flying. Your animal must be trained to behave in a public setting and should not exhibit any aggressive behaviors. Service animals must not exhibit disruptive behavior during the flight. Excessive disruptive behavior includes but is not limited to: scratching, whining, barking, growling, biting, and lunging.

You are responsible for controlling your animal for the entire duration of the flight.

In accordance with federal safety regulations:

· You cannot sit in an emergency exit seat when traveling with a trained service animal.

· The animal must be positioned so as not to obstruct your expeditious evacuation in the unlikely event of an emergency.

· If you opt to transport your trained service animal in a carrier, the carrier must be properly stowed for taxi, takeoff, and landing under the seat in front of you.

· An animal can be placed on your lap or on the aircraft floor.

Animals must not:

· Extend into the aircraft aisle

· Occupy an aircraft seat

· Occupy a tray table

· Encroach upon a neighboring seat

If an animal does not meet the qualifications to travel as a trained service animal, the animal may be eligible to travel in accordance with our Pet Standard for a fee.

Do I need to inform Avelo if I am traveling with a service animal?

Yes. We ask that you please notify us in advance if you will be traveling with a trained service animal. When booking a new reservation, you may use the “Special assistance” area on the Add-ons page to indicate you will be traveling with a trained service animal.

If a reservation has already been created, click on the “Change/Cancel” link located on the home page. Then, input the required information, and select “Submit.” From that page, click on the “Add-ons” link. After selecting an option(s) in the “Special assistance” section, click “Save” and the information will be saved to the reservation.

Are there areas for my service animal to relieve itself at the airport?

Service animal relief areas are available at each of the locations we serve. Uniformed Avelo Customer Service Crewmembers will direct customers to these areas upon request.

If you have any questions about flying with your service animal, please contact our Customer service team. We’re here to help make your travel experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible.