How to Use Your ATFs

Learn how to redeem your Avelo Travel Funds (ATFs) for your next flight.

Avelo Homepage Login

1. Go to Login

Visit and click on Login at the top of the page, or log in here. The email address must be the one associated with your ATF.

Avelo Sign Up - Forgot Password

2. Choose Sign In Method

Log in to your account with the email address associated with your ATF. If you forgot your password, click on the ‘Forgot your password?’ link.

Traveler Details - Log in fast checkout

3. Book a Flight

Start your booking on Select flights, seats, and pause when you get to the “Enter Traveler Details” page. Important note: On the 'Traveler Details' page, if you see the 'Log in for fast checkout' button, you need to click it to make sure you are logged in.

Avelo Redeem ATF Payment

4. Payment

When you land on the ``Complete Purchase`` page, enter the amount you want to use in Avelo Travel Funds. (Don’t worry, if you have more than one ATF, we will automatically redeem the first upcoming expiring ATF.) Enter payment information to pay the difference (if any), and submit! You’ll see your confirmation on the next page. Then you can get ready to fly!

Avelo manage trip "My ATF Wallet"

5. Existing Bookings?

If you have an upcoming trip, you can apply your ATF to add bags, seats, and more when you make changes through 'Manage Trips' here. If you are logged into your account, you can click on ‘My ATF Wallet’ and add any unused Avelo travel funds on this screen for easier redemption.

To learn more about our refunds, visit our Refunds and Avelo Travel Funds page.