Young travelers

Flying is an exciting adventure for your child and we’re here to make it as smooth as possible. Avelo flies from easier-to-use, smaller airports with fewer hassles and shorter walking distances that help you and your child have an easier time navigating the check-in, boarding and flying processes.


Safety first

That is the heart of everyone and everything at Avelo. So we have some rules because we care about each and every Avelo Customer, especially your precious young traveler.

Every Customer must sit in their own seat. Children ages two and under may not sit on the lap of a parent or guardian. We’ve set this requirement based on the FAA flying with children recommendations. And, infants must be seated and properly secured in an FAA-approved car seat.


Who can fly independently

All children 14 years old or younger must travel with a parent or guardian. Children 15 years or older may travel independently but here are some things to consider as you make your decision: Will they…

  • be able to confidently navigate the airports?
  • be comfortable with and understand all security, check-in, boarding and in-flight processes?
  • follow Crewmember instructions?
  • be able to adapt and manage through possible flight disruptions?

If you have concerns, we strongly recommend Young Travelers fly with a parent or guardian.


Below are a few more things that Avelo offers to make your trip with Young Travelers as smooth as possible.

  • No checked bag fee for strollers and car seats
  • You can have two personal carry-on items if one of them is a breast pump
  • Pre-boarding for families with Young Travelers under the age of two