Avelo Airlines Fleet

Avelo Airlines is proud to operate one of the most fuel-efficient fleets in the industry. Our Boeing 737 fleet currently consists of Next-Generation 737- 700s and 800s.

When it comes to safety, Avelo Airlines is committed to maintaining the highest standards. We regularly conduct safety audits and reviews we have an extensive maintenance program in place to ensure that our aircraft are always in top condition.

What kind of airplane does Avelo Airlines fly?

Avelo Airlines flies the Boeing 737-800 out of the Los Angeles / Hollywood Burbank Airport hub. This is a single-aisle airplane that can seat up to 189 passengers.

Avelo also flies the Boeing 737-700 out of the Tweed New Haven Airport hub. This is a shorter version of the “800” that can seat up to 147 passengers.

Both of these Avelo Airlines planes have been updated with the latest in safety features.

Why should you choose to fly Avelo Airlines?

The Boeing 737 is one of the safest airplanes in the sky. It has a great safety record and is flown by airlines all over the world.

Avelo Airlines has an excellent safety record. In addition to flying safe Boeing 737s, our pilots are some of the best in the business. They are highly trained and experienced.

When you fly Avelo Airlines, you can be confident that you are flying with an airline that puts safety first.

How big are the seats on Avelo Airlines?

Avelo Airlines average seat size is 17 inches across; if you’re unable to sit safely and comfortably in a single seat you’ll have to purchase an additional seat for each flight on your reservation. You can buy the second seat for the same fare as your original seat if both seats are purchased at the same time. If you don’t buy an extra seat in advance, you may have to do so on the day of departure for the fare level available on the day of departure.

Are there lavatories on Avelo Airlines planes?

There are three (3) lavatories on Avelo Airlines planes. There is one lavatory in the front and two in the back. All lavatories are for use on a first come first served basis.