Advertised fares

All fares displayed on include government taxes and fees.

Base fare

The price of an airline ticket before taxes, fees, and surcharges are added.

Taxes and fees

  1. September ‌11th‌ Security Fee: $5.60 each way, per U.S. enplanement
  2. U.S. Transportation Tax: 7.5% of Base Fare
  3. Passenger Facility Charge: up to $9 one way or $18 round trip
  4. U.S. Flight Segment Tax: $5.00 on each flight segment. A segment is defined as one takeoff and one landing.
  5. U.S. International Transportation Tax: $22.20 on each flight segment to/from Puerto Rico

Optional services

Fares displayed do not include optional services and service bundles, which may be added for a fee. See our Optional services and fees page for details.

Change your flight

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Refunds and Avelo travel funds

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