Sky Walk

Redwood Sky Walk

Eureka: Float Through A Forest

The new Redwood Sky Walk, the longest arboreal trail in the West, takes nature lovers to new heights in the Victorian seaport of Eureka, 15 miles south of the airport. The $4M canopy attraction rises more than 100 feet above the forest floor in the city’s community forest, which includes California’s oldest zoo and tree titans rivaling those of nearby Redwood National Park and the Avenue of the Giants.

The series of suspended bridges and seven viewing platforms overlooks the zoo and nature preserve, which consists of 70 acres of redwoods, much of it old growth. Most of the quarter-mile walkway is ADA accessible and, for more intrepid visitors, offers a bonus adventure leg with square open mesh decking, making a thrilling but safe back and forth sway.

One might see a barred owl know to perch and flutter around the railings. Look into the distance and spy a nook in a tree where a raccoon lives, and little holes where bats and chickadees and sparrows find shelter. On one platform, during construction, a hulking redwood burl jutting from a massive trunk was mistaken for a Bigfoot from the ground.

Besides the amazing evergreen giants, sky walkers enjoy bird’s-eye views of the flourishing patches of sorrel and ferns along the forest floor, and the trails meandering through Sequoia Park.

The popular elevated eco-adventure, which opened in late 2021, uses state-of-the-art, low-impact environmental engineering techniques to protect the trees. Admission to the Sky Walk is included with entry to the Sequoia Park Zoo, the oldest certified zoo in the state, which opened in 1907.

A fun-sized experience dedicated to preserving native animals of the Redwood Coast and rare species of the world, it features otters, local salmon, a Northern spotted owl and North American porcupine, bald eagles, red pandas, monkeys, bush dogs, flamingos, aviary and petting barn.

Perhaps the most popular residents are a group of playful river otters, three siblings engaged in perpetual play, keep splashing, wrestling and curiously staring at the human folk. Children love the underwater otter tube, where they can practically frolic with the water weasels.

The zoo, about three miles southeast of downtown Eureka, is surrounded by Sequoia Park, which protects the last stand of old growth redwoods in Eureka. It includes miles of forest trails as well as springs, creeks, meadows and a hidden grotto with a gentle waterfall. Some are paved, making them suitable for wheelchairs, cyclists and baby strollers. Two playgrounds are in the park, including one near the scenic duck pond and another with a series of tall metal slides embedded in a redwood fairy ring, a popular amusement for the kids.

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