lower broadway

Lower Broadway

Lower Broadway

Nashville is also known as Music City, USA, for its unparalleled music scene. The city is rich with country music history from the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum to the Grand Ole Opry. If you really want to live, breath and sweat country music, then your trip to Nashville must include a stroll down Honkey Tonk Highway where country music will thrill your ears.

Lower Broadway Street also known as Honkey Tonk Highway, is lined with live country music venues. What is a Honkey Tonk? Simply put, an establishment of less than proper repute with cold drinks and hot country music. Bring your best pair of boot scootin’ boots to dance from honky tonk to honky tonk.

Originally Lower Broad, was the thoroughfare for businesses and the port. Many of the brick buildings, built in the late 19th century, were originally hotels, furniture stores and pharmacies. Today they have been stylishly repurposed as restaurants and bars.

Lower Broad is the place to witness the cutting edge of country music on your Nashville vacation. You can catch the hottest up and comers, the brightest established music stars and people doing things you never thought possible in country music. There are music venues for every type of country music, from that good old fashioned country music to the more contemporary sounds that blend country music and hip-hop.

Your trip to Nashville should include a stroll down Lower Broad.  You can enjoy a delicious hot chicken sandwich in one of the many restaurants housed in the stylishly repurposed 19th century buildings. For a true Nashville experience your trip to Nashville must include taking in a live music performance at one of the many kicking honkey tonks along Lower Broad.

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