Optional services

At Avelo, we are proud to offer a simpler, smoother travel experience at everyday surprisingly low fares. Along with close-to-home airports, cheaper parking, smaller crowds, and shorter walks to the gate, we also offer ways for you to customize your trip so it becomes just right.



Select the seat you want

Select the seat you want, or we’ll assign you one instead.

$4 and up

Priority boarding

Board the plane before general boarding.


Pet in cabin

Avelo allows hard-sided carriers no larger than 14”L x 9”W x 9.5”H (35 cm x 22 cm x 24 cm) or soft containers that fit in the same space.

Your small dog or cat may be carried inside a pet carrier that fits under the seat in front of you. Customers traveling with a pet may not occupy an exit row seat or a seat with no forward under-seat stowage.


Distribution charge

Included in fares quoted on this website or through our Customer Support Center may be an embedded distribution charge, which, if present, is broken out separately in the itemization. This charge does not apply to any reservations made at an Avelo airport ticket counter.

Up to $22

Group booking fee

Reservations for 11 or more Customers made via our Customer Support Center incur a fixed group booking fee per flight segment.


Checked bag, carry-on bag, fees and allowances

Customers in the military traveling on active duty or permanent change of station orders may check two (2) Checked Bags for free, and not be subject to excess, oversize, or overweight baggage charges.

Personal item

One free personal item not larger than 14″L x 9″W x 9.5″H (35 cm x 22 cm x 24 cm) that must be capable of safely stowing under a seat. Examples of personal items include a purse, briefcase, laptop computer case, small backpack or small camera case.


Carry-on bag

One carry-on bag is permitted in the aircraft cabin for a fee. The carry-on bag must fit into an overhead bin and not be larger than 22”L x 14″W x 9”H (56 cm x 35 cm x 22 cm) and weigh not more than 35 pounds (15 kilograms). Examples of a carry-on bag include a roller bag, garment bag, large backpack, tote bag – in all cases capable of being safely stowed in an overhead bin.


Checked bags

Checked bags may weigh up to 50 pounds (22 kilograms) and measure up to 62 inches (157 cm) in overall exterior dimensions (length + width + height) including handles and wheels. Any checked baggage that exceeds these limits will be subject to additional excess baggage charges.

  • First checked bag


  • Second checked bag


  • Additional checked bags


  • Airport checked bags
    An additional fee applies if you require assistance adding a bag at the airport ticket counter or gate. This fee does not apply to complimentary bags for active-duty military customers or to Additional Checked Bags.

Additional $10

  • Oversized and overweight bags
    Baggage 63 to 80 inches (outside maximum length plus maximum height plus maximum width or 203 cm) and/or Baggage weighing 50 to 70 pounds (31 kilograms).

Did you know?
It costs less to bring two smaller lighter bags than one oversized overweight bag!

Overweight: Additional $50

Oversize: Additional $50

Overweight & oversize: Additional $100

Musical instruments

Musical instruments may be checked subject to a limited release of liability, see Baggage limitations of liability.  If the musical instrument exceeds 50 pounds (22.7 kilograms) (including case or covering) in weight or 62 linear inches (157 cm) in size (outside length plus height plus width, including case or covering), an additional charge may apply.

Learn more about our Special baggage and sports equipment standards.

Other fees may apply

Sports equipment

Sports equipment may be checked, and applicable excess, oversize and/or overweight fees apply. Avelo reserves the right to refuse transportation of these items due to safety and/or operational limitations.

Learn more about our Special baggage and sports equipment standards.

Other fees may apply

Firearms and other restricted items

Subject to our standard overweight and oversize bag limits and fees, we accept firearms and other restricted items in accordance with our Prohibited and Restricted Items Standards.

Oversize bag fees may apply