Excess, oversize and overweight baggage

We will do all we can to accommodate excess baggage, oversize baggage and overweight baggage, which may be checked for additional fees. View our baggage fees here.

Excess, oversize and/or overweight baggage may not be accepted on flights to/from certain cities on certain specified dates. See below for a list of cities and effective dates.

Prohibited baggage

Baggage more than 80 inches (outside maximum length plus maximum height plus maximum width or 203 cm) and/or baggage weighing more than 70 lbs. (31 kg) will not be accepted for carriage, except for wheelchairs, mobility or other assistive devices. Avelo may, at its sole discretion, accept musical instruments or sports equipment that exceeds these limits.

Excess, oversize and/or overweight baggage embargos

None at this time.