Customers requiring extra seating

If you’re unable to sit safely and comfortably in a single seat, you’ll have to purchase an additional seat for each flight on your reservation. You can buy the second seat for the same fare as your original seat if both seats are purchased at the same time. If you don’t buy an extra seat in advance, you may have to do so on the day of departure for the fare level available on the day of departure.

You’ll have to buy an additional seat if you don’t meet one of the following criteria:

  1. You must be able to properly attach, buckle and wear the seat belt, with one extension if necessary, whenever the seatbelt sign is illuminated or as instructed by a crew member.
  2. You must be able to stay seated with the seat armrest(s) down for the whole flight.
  3. You must not significantly encroach upon the adjacent seating space.
  4. We will not board you if you decline to book a reservation for an additional seat for each leg of your itinerary when required.