Carry-on bags

Our goal is making your trip smooth from beginning to end. To help you with your baggage plans, we want to share with you what items can be carried on-board.

Customers are permitted one personal item and one carry-on bag (for a fee) on board.

Please note that all carry-on items must be able to be safely stowed underneath the seat in front of you or in an overhead bin. Baggage not qualifying as a personal item or carry-on bag must be checked for a fee. See our Optional Services page for pricing.

  • One free personal item not larger than 17″L x 13″H x 9″W (43 cm x 33 cm x 22 cm) that can be safely stowed under a seat. Examples of personal items include a purse, briefcase, laptop computer case, small backpack or small camera case.
  • One carry-on bag is permitted in the aircraft cabin for a fee. The carry-on bag must fit into an overhead bin and be no larger than 22”L x 14″H x 9”W (55 cm x 35 cm x 22 cm). Examples of a carry-on bag include a roller bag, garment bag, large backpack, tote bag (in all cases capable of being safely stowed in an overhead bin). Please note, additional fees apply for carry-on bags not pre-purchased during the initial reservation. Any Customer that is an active-duty military member on official or personal travel and presents a current active-duty military identification card may bring one carry-on bag free of charge.

*Please note dimensions vary by seat and aircraft type.

(Note that all carry-on items are the sole responsibility of the Customer.)

Manual wheelchairs, mobility aids and other assistive devices do not count against your carry-on allowance

Manual wheelchairs, mobility aids and other assistive devices used by a qualified individual with a disability, and other medical assistance items (e.g., breast pumps, breast milk) may be carried in the aircraft cabin in addition to the carry-on item allowance when they can be stowed in accordance with FAA regulations. Manual wheelchairs that cannot be stored in the cabin will be stored in the cargo compartment.

Outerwear also doesn’t count against your carry-on allowance

In addition to a Customer’s personal item and carry-on bag allowance, a coat, jacket, wrap or similar outer garment may be carried on board the aircraft.

Instruments and special equipment

When it comes to bringing on board large musical instruments and electronic, computer, audio/video, or other equipment with a size or shape that prevents it from being handled as a normal carry-on bag, there are a few rules that apply:

  1. The instrument or equipment must be contained in a case or covered to avoid injury to other Customers.
  2. A reservation must be made for the instrument or equipment at a charge equal to the lowest available fare at the time the reservation is purchased.
  3. The instrument or equipment must be stowed in accordance with FAA requirements for carriage of carry-on items.

Avelo, at its sole discretion, will not transport carry-on items that it determines may be harmful or dangerous to Customers, Crewmembers or the aircraft. We may accept a carry-on bag of unusual dimensions (e.g., document tube, fishing rod, tennis racket, wedding attire, etc.) so long as it passes TSA security checkpoint guidelines and it safely fits in an overhead bin and the carry-on bag fee is paid.

Customer’s personal item and carry-on bag must be capable of being carried on board the aircraft by one Customer without additional assistance unless the Customer requires assistance due to a disability.

Use of portable electronic devices (PEDs)

  1. Small authorized PEDs are devices under two pounds and are of a size that can easily be placed in a seat pocket (if available) along with the other materials that are normally found in the seat pocket (safety information card, menu or airsickness bag). They include devices like tablets, readers, and mobile phones and may be used during all phases of flight when in airplane mode including taxi, takeoff and landing. However, if using them during taxi, takeoff and landing, Customers must secure these devices by holding them, putting them in a pocket or holster or placing them in a personal item.
  2. Large authorized PEDs are devices two pounds or more such as full-size laptops. They must be turned off and stowed during taxi, takeoff and landing. Customers may stow them under the seat in front of them or in the overhead bin.  These devices may be used above 10,000 feet when authorized by a flight Crewmember announcement.

Sizing boxes or charts are located at Avelo’s check-in counters and departure gates. Avelo reserves the right to further restrict carry-on items.