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Avelo Airlines Partners with Aero HygenX to Deploy Breakthrough Autonomous Ultraviolet Disinfection Robots to Combat COVID-19

Avelo UVC Robot Release

Avelo Airlines Partners with Aero HygenX to Deploy Breakthrough Autonomous Ultraviolet Disinfection Robots to Combat COVID-19

HOUSTON and OTTAWA; March 3, 2022 —Avelo Airlines today announced an innovative partnership with Aero HygenX to deploy leading-edge autonomous ultraviolet light (UVC) robots to disinfect its aircraft fleet to combat COVID-19. Aero HygenX is the pioneer in autonomous UVC disinfection technology for the transportation industry. 

The Aero HygenX RAY robot is a compact, light-weight and self-navigating device which uses motion-sensing technology to navigate interior spaces — disinfecting surfaces quickly and safely using UVC light. RAY is a sustainable alternative to harmful chemicals and is emissions-free. 

Avelo uses the RAY robots as part of its daily disinfection of its six Boeing Next-Generation (NG) 737 aircraft. Additionally, RAY is used to disinfect Avelo’s Crewmember (employee) workspaces at the airline’s West Coast base at Los Angeles’ Hollywood Burbank Airport (BUR) and its East Coast base at Southern Connecticut’s Tweed-New Haven Airport (HVN). The aircraft and airport disinfection routine occurs every evening following the completion of each day’s flight operations. 

Avelo Chairman and CEO Andrew Levy said, “We are excited to be on the leading edge of helping prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other viruses among the flying public. The safety and wellbeing of our Customers and Crewmembers is our top priority. Our partnership with Aero HygenX bolsters this commitment with the use of their innovative disinfection technology on our aircraft and at our bases. RAY is a safer, faster, more cost-effective and more sustainable solution than the conventional chemical-based manual disinfection process used by most other airlines.” 

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, airlines around the world have implemented enhanced cleaning procedures involving more frequent and deeper disinfection of aircraft. In most cases, these more stringent hygienic measures have necessitated the manual application of harsh chemical disinfectants and have prolonged the sanitization process. Additional disadvantages of chemical-based disinfection include the creation of surplus hazardous waste and the degradation of aircraft interior finishes.

Aero HygenX CEO Arash Mahin added, “We couldn’t be more excited to announce that America’s America’s first new airline in nearly 15 years is utilizing RAY. Avelo’s partnership with Aero HygenX will enhance its aircraft and airport disinfection regiment, and exemplifies the airline’s commitment to safety, reliability and innovation. We look forward to growing with Avelo as they add aircraft, bases, Customers and Crewmembers in the future.” 

A Game-Changing Solution 

UVC technology has a long and proven history of effectively disinfecting surfaces, air and water in many other industries, including the healthcare, food / beverage and hospitality sectors. Aero HygenX is the first company to incorporate UVC disinfection technology into an autonomous robot solution for the transportation industry. In addition to commercial aircraft, RAY can be used to disinfect buses and trains. 

Avelo’s Head of Safety, Security and Operational Excellence Michael Quiello said, “There is nothing else out there like RAY and we are proud to be utilizing this breakthrough disinfection technology. RAY robots deliver UVC light that destroys virtually 100% of pathogens – including the COVID-19 virus. RAY exemplifies how Avelo is taking the lead using more effective non-traditional advanced technology.” 

RAY’s light-emitting technology safely destroys up to 99.9% of harmful pathogens in the air and on the surfaces of Avelo’s aircraft cabins, galleys, lavatories and flight decks – as well as in workspaces at the airline’s BUR and HVN bases. RAY’s automation technology enables the robots to be operated remotely by a single Crewmember — the previous manual chemical-based disinfection process required several Crewmembers to sanitize each aircraft. The time it takes to complete the disinfection of Avelo’s three 737-700s and its three 737-800s is also significantly reduced by using the RAY robot. Avelo has committed to adding nine additional 737 NG jetliners in 2022 — expanding its fleet to 15 aircraft. 

RAY is connected to HygenXStream, a real-time digital platform which enables Avelo to monitor the health of RAY and gain access to valuable metrics that can assist with decision making for its operations. 

There is significant science validating the effectiveness of UVC exposure to render pathogens — such as COVID-19 — inactive. UVC disinfection is a function of intensity over time. RAY’s smart functionality consistently delivers the perfect dose of UVC light to eliminate pathogens onboard an aircraft. At the same time, RAY moves unguided through the aircraft cabin eliminating the need for an Avelo Crewmember to be onboard while it’s in use. 

Fly with Confidence

Avelo takes every precaution to protect Customer health at the airport and during their flight. Avelo airplanes are regularly cleaned and disinfected. In addition to the daily UVC disinfection of all aircraft completed each evening by the Aero HygenX RAY robot, Avelo treats the entire airplane every 14 days with an advanced antimicrobial protectant that kills viruses, germs and bacteria on all surfaces. This non-toxic, water-based Zoono treatment forms a colorless, odorless protective shield and is safe to human contact. 

Additionally, the cabin air is refreshed every two to three minutes by the Boeing 737’s top-down air filtration and ventilation system. The system directs air flow from the ceiling to the bottom of the seat — not front to back — and greatly reduces particle movement throughout the cabin. All Avelo airplanes operate with HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters that remove 99.9% of air particles, including viruses like the coronavirus, in accordance with manufacturer recommendations. 

Federal law requires everyone — including Avelo Customers and Crewmembers — to wear a face mask at the airport and on the aircraft (unless eating or drinking). Avelo also encourages social distancing best practices whenever possible. As an additional precaution, Avelo requires all its Crewmembers to be fully vaccinated. 

About Aero HygenX

Aero HygenX is setting a new precedent for air and surface disinfection in the passenger transport sector. Aero HygenX is a dynamic technology company harnessing the power of Ultra-Violet (UV-C) light to develop safe, efficient, and autonomous hygiene solutions that kill pathogens, protect crews, reduce the need for harsh chemical agents and restore passenger confidence in travel. The company’s founders and executives combine a passion for aviation industry with 80+ years of combined experience in safety, quality management, airline operations, software, electrical engineering, and electromagnetics. Visit AeroHygenx.com. 

About Avelo Airlines 

Avelo Airlines was founded with a simple purpose — to Inspire Travel. The airline offers Customers time and money-saving convenience, very low fares, and a refreshingly smooth and caring experience through its Avelo Soul of Service culture. Operating a fleet of Boeing Next-Generation 737 aircraft, Avelo serves 18 popular destinations across the U.S., including its West Coast base at Los Angeles’ Hollywood Burbank Airport (BUR) and its East Coast base at Tweed-New Haven Airport (HVN). For more information visit AveloAir.com. 

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