Avelo saves you money

In a world where air travel is often stressful, we’re promising you everyday surprisingly low fares with a simpler, smoother and more caring travel experience. How? Glad you asked. Easier to use, smaller airports to save time. Are you excited yet? We are, too. We can’t wait to meet you.

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Avelo saves you time

Why fly out of those big airport hubs if you don’t have to? With Avelo, travel is refreshingly quick with easy non-stop flights. Our close-to-home airports don’t have all the hassles. You’ll be in and out in no time. Besides saving money with our always low fares, our smaller airports mean a shorter commute, cheaper parking, shorter walks to your gate, and briefer taxiing times on the runway. We hope this makes your trip as pleasant as possible.

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Avelo gives you choice

You know those add-ons, like checked bag fees? We have those, too. But we let you pick what matters most to you. Choose one, a few, or none. You decide.


We’re on your side

When you start a brand-new airline, you get to do things differently. We only hire Crewmembers who have a soul of service. Each Avelo Crewmember has the joy of helping others, and will go to bat for you the whole way.

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Flying is affordable with Avelo — Book, relax, and you’re there

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