Flights from Lansing to Orlando 

Airfare from Lansing, MI to Orlando, FL

Direct Flights to Orlando, FL from Lansing, MI 

Looking for a direct flight from Lansing to Orlando? Avelo Airlines has the best deals on Nonstop flights from Lansing, MI to Orlando, FL. Avelo makes it affordable and convenient to get from Central Michigan to the Sunshine State. 


Avelo Airlines offers nonstop flights from Lansing to Orlando, FL. The best deals on flights from Central Michigan to Florida can be found on or by using the Avelo Airlines app. Get the lowest fares on nonstop flights between LAN and MCO.  

Cheap Flights from Lansing 

Avelo Airlines offers the best deals on Lansing flights to Florida. Flights from Lansing (link)  to Orlando (Link) depart on a weekly basis. Check the Avelo Airlines app for the most up-to-date flight information. 

Avelo Airlines is the best choice for flights from Lansing to Orlando. Book your flight today and enjoy the best deals on roundtrip flights from Lansing to Orlando. 

What Airlines fly out of Lansing Michigan?

Avelo Airlines offers cheap flights from Lansing, MI to Orlando, FL.  

How long is a flight from Michigan to Orlando?

Average flight time from Capital Region International Airport to Orlando International Airport is 2 hours and 21 minutes. Avelo makes flying affordable and convenient by flying from convenient airports close to home. 

When are flights from Lansing to Orlando?

Flights from Lansing, MI to Orlando, FL depart twice a week on Avelo Airlines.  

How much are flights from Lansing to Orlando?

Airfare from Lansing to Orlando varies based on availability. Check the Avelo Airlines Orlando destination page for more details.  

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